Callaway Golf Balls

Each variant of Callaway golf balls is designed with the best and high quality materials to cater to any type of golfers. With the latest and premium technology, Callaway golf balls offer maximum performance for the golf enthusiast.

Speed Regime

Callaway Golf The Speed Regime (SR) Brand has three variants: SR 1, SR 2 and SR 3 golf balls. The SR 1 golf ball features optimized aerodynamics for maximum distance at swing speed of 90mph. Its integrated HEX pattern optimizes low speed lift with long, stable, penetrating ball flights, ultimately providing more distance. It also has a soft inner core to give low spin off the driver for longer distance. On the other hand, it has a firm outer core that provides higher spin rates for more spin, better control and aggressive stopping power on short iron and wedges.

The SR 2 golf ball, on the other hand, has an optimized aerodynamics for swing speeds of 90-105 mph. It also features Tour-level control and superior spin separation for excellent power. Whereas, the SR 3 golf ball has an optimized aerodynamics for 105 mph and over swing spins. It also has Tour-level control and superior spin separation.


The Supersoft line combines the lowest compression golf ball with a soft cover and HEX aerodynamics, resulting in a long, straight distance ball that is incredibly soft, making it the softest Callaway golf ball. With only 38 compression points, it is 20 points softer than popular 2-piece balls. Its ultra-low compression core helps deliver maximum ball speed with reduced spin for increased distance. It comes in white and yellow colors.

The X2 Hot golf ball is designed with a HEX Aerodynamics Fit for distance on swing speeds of 90 mph and below to optimize lift and drag. It helps increase the distance even with limited swing speed. Equipped with the Trionomer cover and fast tech mantle, the X2 Hot ball has an exceptionally soft feel and control to deliver maximum ball speed.

In contrast, the X2 Hot + Ball is specifically engineered with a HEX Aerodynamics fit for swing speeds of 90 mph and above to deliver more ball speed, fewer hooks and slices. It comes in the standard white and yellow colors.


Callaway-golfThe Hex Chrome is formulated with a patent urethane cover which considerably improves durability, keeping marks and scratches at bay. It also a soft feel and gives a great short-game spin which is expected from a high performance Tour golf ball. It also features an exclusive core that combines high resilience and low compression, resulting to a very soft feel off the club face as well as ball speeds that maximize distance especially for moderate swing speeds. Afirmmantle layer surrounds the ball’s core, and enhances the ball’s resilience without making it feel harder. It is especially built for optimum ball speed minus the high spin off the tee. Compared with the conventional round dimples which typically cover a little less than 90% of the surface, the patented HEX Aerodynamics exclusive to Callaway golf balls produces 100% surface coverage to provide remarkable aerodynamic performance, thanks to the reduction in drag,and the stable and penetrating ball flight.

The Hex Chrome+ golf ball, on the other hand, delivers Tour performance and increases ball speeds to unlock maximum distance. Its extremely fast core leads to high ball speeds for a wide range of swing speeds. With the DuraSpin Cover, it gives a soft feel and exceptional short game spin. It is also designed with thin inner and outer mantles to produce more ball speed and lower spin with the driver for more distance.

The Hex Warbird

The Hex Warbird golf balls offer maximum flight along with a soft, high energy core. Its Warbird Core provides faster ball speeds for maximum distance. The thinner cover also enhances the feel without compromising speed and distance off the tee. It comes in white and yellow colors.


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