Why is RankBrain Important for SEO

What Is RankBrain and Why It Matters in SEO

So you’ve decided to bring your business online because you’re losing out to the competition who have already cashed in on the online revolution. You paid for hosting, got your WordPress site up… But your website is not converting.

In fact, you can’t even see it on Google when you type relevant keywords. A few months down the line, one or two pages from your website find themselves stuck in page 10 or page 12 of Google search results, unable to rise from their former places.

google rankbrain algorithm

What’s the problem, exactly?

The answer is: there can be a number of problems affecting your website, and one of them is how it is being measured by RankBrain, the machine learning system developed by Google.

RankBrain is considered the third most important component of Google’s system of systems, and is set to dominate how search engine results will be coming out in 2019 and beyond. Simply put: if you don’t know how to please RankBrain, your website is going to languish.


How It Works

More than a decade ago, about Google ran into several huge snags that actually threatened its position as the “kingmaker” of the online world. People were complaining daily of bad content making it to the top results of Google searches.

Let’s call this Google 1.0. This was a time when Google paid attention to keywords and keyword densities alone, and directory listings (with relevant keywords), etc. This was all the rage. The ranking system that we see now was in its infancy, but people were easily able to get to top results by stuffing content with the right combination of keywords.

SEOExplode had found that his is bad news for users mainly because not every piece of content on the Web that has the right keywords is the right type of content or website for specific users. Let’s say you went online and typed “cold brew coffee recipes.”

You see a website with the exact keywords, but when you open it, the content talks about cold brew coffee and is actually promoting stuff on Amazon that have nothing to do with pressing your own coffee at home. This is useless information, basically, and you leave the website.

why rankbrain is important

Dwell Time and Website Usefulness

This was the basic experience back in the day, when Google was still trying to figure out how to balance keyword relevance with the usefulness of a website to actual users.

Enter RankBrain, the machine learning system. Google’s RankBrain takes into consideration several hundred different signals from a website, but it also hones in on two major signals that can make or break a website:

  1. The duration of a user’s stay on a website; this is also called the dwell time.
  2. The number of people that select your website on Google search results after performing a specific search with a keyword or keyword phrase. This is called the CTR or the click through rate.

According to the experts, a top ranked website on Google normally has an average dwell time of three minutes and ten seconds. Sounds like a piece of cake right? Well, not really.

If you have a relatively new website with almost no useful content for users, then it’s possible that people will just jump almost immediately from your website to another website. The jump happens when they close your tab and clicks on another link instead. Ouch! But don’t worry, because there is a solution for your problem.

Google Canada states that RankBrain considers dwell time a major ranking signal, so you really have to get down to business to providing what your users need so they actually stay in your website when they find it.

If they keep bouncing after the first three seconds, then your website will continually underperform in RankBrain’s eyes, and it will suffer the consequences of having low dwell time.

Google RankBrain

Thinking About Content

You can spend a lot of time tweaking the on-page and off-page factors affecting your website, but at the end of the day, you need good content on your website to keep users coming back. Your website can only be likeable if it has content worth looking at.

Basically, you have to offer something useful in order to generate traffic. People also have to like your content enough that they would share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all these other dwelling places for netizens.

Good content can be created in a variety of ways:

– It provides general information about a subject.

– It provides a solution or options to solve a problem.

– It provides references so that people who need more in-depth information can find better information.

– It provides interesting stories or points that can be shared on social media.

– It is entertaining.

– It is useful for the user’s life.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when creating good content. The fact of the matter is that you can create good content as long as you know what your users want. With that said, it’s safe to ask at this point – how much do you know of your target users? If you haven’t researched your niche well enough, it would be difficult to identify relevant topics to base your content on. Knowing the type of content your audience likes is also helpful.

For example, let’s say that your audience is all about bicycle parts and modding BMX bikes for competitions. The type of content that would be most useful to this type of niche would be DIY and how to videos and articles, as well as the latest news on new bike parts and methods of modding.

If your business was all about modding BMX parts, or selling modded BMX bikes, it would naturally follow that after reading the great information on your website, people would be really drawn to your products and services. Why? Because you have established authority by providing information. People who are drawn to certain kinds of information will also have a tendency to share and link to this information so they can share with their networks.

The Hurdles of a Keynote Speaker

There is no such thing as a perfect job. No matter how rewarding or happy a job may seem on TV or paper, there will always be difficulties involved when it comes to any undertaking.

A career in being a keynote speaker is no exemption to this fact. There are obstacles and hurdles to be overcome before one can fully take advantage of the benefits from such a career path. Most of these difficulties manifest themselves at the start of a speaking job and if not handled properly, may lead to one quitting early and giving up on a potentially rewarding industry.

  1. Accreditation

Similar to the multitude of businesses already existing, a business permit is required for them to operate. In terms of becoming a keynote speaker, accreditation is a mandatory prerequisite in order to be considered as a person who is qualified to address an audience. There is a multitude of accreditations and certifications one can gain in order to build a reputation. There is no problem with the availability of these things; it is the cost that they entail that poses a problem. Most speakers talk about “investing in personal growth” and this is what they mean by that. Getting certification and accreditation costs a lot of money and not everyone will be in the right mind to see the potential of these programs.

This is why most beginners still cling to a day-job while saving up towards getting certified to talk.

  1. Experience

MotivationalEvery business starts with zero. For the speaker, that means zero invitations. The fundamental paradigm of experience and work is also present to speakers. To get paid to speak they need credentials. To get credentials they need to speak. This mostly causes speakers to start out small; giving free speeches for smaller groups. Although there isn’t a lack of speaking opportunities, everyone has to start small at first. This means large losses and small incomes are an expected phenomenon during the early stages of such a career.

  1. The audiences

Although audiences are not considered as a problem, every speaker has had experience with disbelieving executives and professors and deans who think they know more and therefore start to challenge or disregard the speeches that speakers give. This gives new meaning to the saying “you can’t please everyone”. Because of the different natures and temperaments of people, one can only hope to engage everyone in the audience. The difficulty lies in keeping ones’ spirits up to not get unmotivated to quit.

4.Too much information

The nature of this kind of job entails tremendous amounts of research. One may be expected to deliver keynote speeches on contrasting topics within short spans of time. It can be imagined as being given large amounts of book reviews in school. Speakers have to absorb a lot of information and condense it into a presentation that will catch the attention of the audience. Unfortunately, the brain does not a dewy-decimal system of organizing information. An overload would cause toxicity and stress unto starting speakers in the industry.

With the points, it is not being said that becoming a keynote speaker is a far-from-ideal job. No job will be ideal if one only looks at the difficulties.

A topic that most speakers talk about is the “love of the job”. This entails that one will be ready to overcome challenges and obstacles as long as they are passionate about what they do. Keynote speakers are known for their passion for their professions which makes these hurdles more surmountable. At the end of the day, these challenges make success more enjoyable and rewarding for the determined speaker.


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Callaway Golf Balls

Each variant of Callaway golf balls is designed with the best and high quality materials to cater to any type of golfers. With the latest and premium technology, Callaway golf balls offer maximum performance for the golf enthusiast.

Speed Regime

Callaway Golf The Speed Regime (SR) Brand has three variants: SR 1, SR 2 and SR 3 golf balls. The SR 1 golf ball features optimized aerodynamics for maximum distance at swing speed of 90mph. Its integrated HEX pattern optimizes low speed lift with long, stable, penetrating ball flights, ultimately providing more distance. It also has a soft inner core to give low spin off the driver for longer distance. On the other hand, it has a firm outer core that provides higher spin rates for more spin, better control and aggressive stopping power on short iron and wedges.

The SR 2 golf ball, on the other hand, has an optimized aerodynamics for swing speeds of 90-105 mph. It also features Tour-level control and superior spin separation for excellent power. Whereas, the SR 3 golf ball has an optimized aerodynamics for 105 mph and over swing spins. It also has Tour-level control and superior spin separation.


The Supersoft line combines the lowest compression golf ball with a soft cover and HEX aerodynamics, resulting in a long, straight distance ball that is incredibly soft, making it the softest Callaway golf ball. With only 38 compression points, it is 20 points softer than popular 2-piece balls. Its ultra-low compression core helps deliver maximum ball speed with reduced spin for increased distance. It comes in white and yellow colors.

The X2 Hot golf ball is designed with a HEX Aerodynamics Fit for distance on swing speeds of 90 mph and below to optimize lift and drag. It helps increase the distance even with limited swing speed. Equipped with the Trionomer cover and fast tech mantle, the X2 Hot ball has an exceptionally soft feel and control to deliver maximum ball speed.

In contrast, the X2 Hot + Ball is specifically engineered with a HEX Aerodynamics fit for swing speeds of 90 mph and above to deliver more ball speed, fewer hooks and slices. It comes in the standard white and yellow colors.


Callaway-golfThe Hex Chrome is formulated with a patent urethane cover which considerably improves durability, keeping marks and scratches at bay. It also a soft feel and gives a great short-game spin which is expected from a high performance Tour golf ball. It also features an exclusive core that combines high resilience and low compression, resulting to a very soft feel off the club face as well as ball speeds that maximize distance especially for moderate swing speeds. Afirmmantle layer surrounds the ball’s core, and enhances the ball’s resilience without making it feel harder. It is especially built for optimum ball speed minus the high spin off the tee. Compared with the conventional round dimples which typically cover a little less than 90% of the surface, the patented HEX Aerodynamics exclusive to Callaway golf balls produces 100% surface coverage to provide remarkable aerodynamic performance, thanks to the reduction in drag,and the stable and penetrating ball flight.

The Hex Chrome+ golf ball, on the other hand, delivers Tour performance and increases ball speeds to unlock maximum distance. Its extremely fast core leads to high ball speeds for a wide range of swing speeds. With the DuraSpin Cover, it gives a soft feel and exceptional short game spin. It is also designed with thin inner and outer mantles to produce more ball speed and lower spin with the driver for more distance.

The Hex Warbird

The Hex Warbird golf balls offer maximum flight along with a soft, high energy core. Its Warbird Core provides faster ball speeds for maximum distance. The thinner cover also enhances the feel without compromising speed and distance off the tee. It comes in white and yellow colors.


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Things You Will Find In Your Local Pawn shop

GoldEvery major metropolitan city today has several pawn shop offerings. You could look online for them, or you could just drive around town. If you keep your eyes open, you’ll see that there are a lot of options to choose from. This is a great thing. These storefront locations have a lot to offer the general public, even though many people don’t realize that they are there. If you have never walked into one, or perhaps you have gone into one long ago, it’s important to revisit these locations. Revisiting is a good thing, as you’ll find that there are several options that are found within the shops. Modern shops have more things to look at, buy, sell, trade, and even lend. The following is a list of some of the most common things that you may find at your local shop.

Electronics From Past and Present

The first major thing that you may find in most pawn shops is electronic devices. These range from modern to the past. You may find television sets from the past, modern options, video game systems, handheld devices, and much more. There’s so much to explore in this category, and often, shops are inundated with solutions that can be resold fast. Many people sell their electronics when moving or for other purposes, and it’s easy to get a few hundred dollars for some of the newer models.

This category is not just about entertainment options that are large. You can find tablets and even smartphones. You’ll be surprised by how many iPhones and Android devices show up in these shops, and what price they are resold at. Many times, people try to jailbreak their phones and don’t know how to do it properly. Or they upgrade and they don’t sell their phones back to the company they purchased them from, which means you can pick up a good used phone, without spending a fortune. It’s simple, and one of the most prominent things you’ll find at a shop.

Precious Metals of All Types

pawnOne of the tried and true solutions that you are going to find at most pawn shops is that of gold, silver, platinum, and all forms of precious metals. Not just in bricks or bars, you’ll find coins, plated items, and much more. Pawning gold jewelry and other items is something that can get you a great deal of money fast. Many people get their items traded or get loans from pawning precious metals because their value is always high. Gold, for instance, can net you a thousand dollars or more for just a few ounces. Diamonds, platinum, silver, and other metals can also net you a great deal of money if they are pure, or if you have a great deal of items that are plated properly.

You can buy, appraise, and sell your precious metals to a good shop and get top dollar. In some instances, you’ll get more than you would at a mall store or mail-order option. Many pawn specialists have education and experience in appraising and valuing precious metals, which is why you may find them at your local shop.

Different Inventory Often

At the end of the day, you’re going to find a lot of different inventory options. Every week pawn shops get inundated with items from the general public. They buy low and sell high sometimes, and other times they sell below retail value. Whatever the case may be, if you visit shops often, you’ll find that they have the aforementioned things, and so much more. Visit often, and you’ll see that there’s a lot of different inventory solutions. Try it out a few weeks, and see what you find.

Top Things to Consider in Choosing Lanyards

Lanyards are now commonly used for various reasons. They are used as a marketing tool. They’re also used in universities, trade fairs, sporting events, and even during concerts.

But, not all lanyards are the same. You have to choose the right lanyard that is fit for your goals, needs, and style.

Here are the questions that you should answer in choosing the right lanyard:

1.Where will you use it?

LanyardsIn choosing the right lanyard, you should first consider its purpose. What are you going to using it for?
If you’ll be using the lanyard as a marketing tool, it will be a great idea to use high-quality materials. Remember that the lanyard will represent your company so you have to choose top of the line materials and come up with a professional-looking design.

If you plan to give away the ID strings to your employees to hold their badge, you should make sure that the laces are professional-looking. You should also choose colors that represent your company. It is also important to print your company logo on the badge.

If you plan to give away the lanyard during a concert, you have to pick a type of lanyard that is fun and represents the personality of the band or the artist. If it’s a pop star’s concert, you can choose pink or bright-colored variants. If it’s a rock concert, you can go for dark-colored ones.

If you are going to use these accessories for a trade fair or conference, it is best to go for those that are professional-looking. It is also best to pick high quality materials as most of the attendees are respected professionals and entrepreneurs.

Also, people who attend sporting events are usually physically active. So, if you are giving it away during a soccer game or any other sporting event, you have to go for durable materials that can withstand moisture and heat.

2. Who will use it?

If you are giving it away to students, you have to choose an inexpensive but durable lanyard. Students love to move around so you have to pick something that will last for the whole school year.

If you are giving it away to employees or business partners, it is best to choose a high-quality and professional-looking lanyard. You can either go for woven polyester or satin. It is also best to use a secure attachment especially for lanyards used to hold company badges.

If you are using the lanyard as a promotional giveaway, you have to ensure that it suits your target market. For example, if you are selling real estate properties, it is important to keep your lanyard design classic and professional. But, if you are selling fashion accessories, you may want to incorporate a fun and trendy design. You could even go for beaded ID strings.

3. What is your budget?

This is a very important question because as mentioned earlier, not all ID strings are the same. In fact, their prices could vary depending on the materials used.


If you have money to burn, you can for expensive ID strings like the ones made of woven polyester or satin. You could also customize the design and add in different colors. But, if you are on a budget, it is best to keep your lanyard design simple. It is also best to stick with cheaper materials like plastic attachments, nylon, and cotton. It is also best to order the lanyards in bulk. This way, you’ll get discounts and special prices.

Remember that different lanyards cater to different uses. So, it is best to pick the one that fits your purpose, the taste of your recipients, and your budget.